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I went on this course after Covid redundancy and was a complete novice. Dave understood that, and his 1 to 1 training was brilliant. If this man cant teach you I am afraid you cant be taught.
He's a realist with his expectations, understanding that it may not be possible to make an entry first time everytime but he offers solutions to that. As he says, " the more options you have in your toolbag the more chance you will be able to open the door non destructively " and thats what Daves course teaches you, how to open locks NDE.
Its a superb course , the best ive been on , and its given me all the confidence i need to go ahead and set up as locksmith, many thanks Dave.
Posted by John on 18 July 2021
4 day course
Couldn't recommend Dave enough, if you want to learn this is the man to teach you, I did this course a year ago and have gone from strength to strength, Dave stays in contact and is available for advice when you need it, I was a complete novice when I started on the course, at the end of it I was buzzing and couldn't wait to get started, Dave is a realist and will tell you like it is. You can't beat 1 to 1 teaching and that's what's offered, I have recommended several people to train through him and will continue to do so, I'm now set on a career I thoroughly enjoy thanks to Dave's training 👍
Posted by Martin Watson on 16 July 2021
4 Day Locksmiths course
Thanks to Dave at Locksmith Training Merseyside for the 4 Day Training course, Absolutely brilliant course, I knew nothing about being a locksmith at all, The experience and knowledge that Dave has is Unbelievable, The course was intense at times but very informative and enjoyable, Daves experience shines through in the way he teaches you and the information is endless, One to One training was brilliant as all attention was on you, I would highly recommend the 4 day course to any one thinking or wanting to become a locksmith. I travelled a long way and bypassed a lot of other locksmith trainers to come to Dave, and im very pleased that i did. Daves knowledge and experience is next to none, Thanks Dave top man and Instructor
Posted by Frank Winterson on 06 July 2021
4 day course
I recently completed the 4 day course and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to begin on the path to becoming a locksmith. The course is ideal because it's one-to-one; you can ask any questions and Dave explains the advantages and pitfalls of each technique as you go through them. The course is intensive but is conducted at a good pace with lots of print outs provided to look at in your own time. The important thing about doing this course is that you will get access to information that, even if you searched the internet for the rest of your days, you would not find. Dave is very good at demonstrating the processes involved with locksmithing and at the same time giving examples and anecdotes gained through years of experience in the industry. The course is both enjoyable and exceptionally good value for money, another big bonus is, after the course is finished, Dave is always available either on the phone or on his locksmith forum for advice, he got calls everyday while i was there from other locksmiths/ old trainees asking for his advice. Many thanks Dave
Posted by Jonathan Anderson on 26 June 2021
4 Day Course
A massive thank you to Dave for teaching me the best methods to defeat locks non-destructively. Dave is a top fella and will answer any questions you have about locksmithing so don't be afraid even if it sounds silly.I had a list of questions everyday after reading through all the paperwork he give me, and dave answered them all clearly and in words i could understand. The content of the course is 2nd to none, Dave covers every lock and scenario you might come across when you leave him. If you have bought your own tools prior to the course take them with you either way Dave does provide you with a box of excellent tools as part of the course to take home.

looking forward to getting the experience behind me now and i'm super confident I will succeed after completing the course.
Many thanks Dave
Posted by Neil Gibson on 24 June 2021
4 days lockpicking course
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