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I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking into becoming Locksmith.
Everything i learnt on the course will help me so much in becoming a locksmith.
Dave is a cracking fella and an absolute wealth and fountain of knowledge,
The course is very comprehensive and covers all you need to know about locksmithing.
Also the tools and paperwork you get as part of the course are superb and will help me when im out doing jobs.

I would defiantly give Dave and the course 11 out of 10, absolutely well worth it!
Posted by Matt hesketh on 14 September 2020
4 day course
I've just completed Daves 4 day 1 to 1
locksmith training course with no previous experience

The 4 days training went great as all the training is hands on with Dave always there to lend a hand and give advice on any given subject.

The workshop where the training is held is perfect for the course with different lock work stations set up for a number of different locks and lockout situations.

The fact that dave is more than happy to have you back at the workshop after the course has ended for any areas which you feel you may need to go over again down the line is a great help and a big reason for choosing this course.

All in all I left Daves 4 day course with confidence in what I've learnt to head on out into the world of locksmithing. and with the tools that i got as apart of the course i cant wait for my first locksmith job. Thanks for everything Dave , this course will change my life.
Posted by Ryan on 02 September 2020
4 Day course
I have just completed Dave's 1-2-1 4 day locksmith training course with no previous experience.

Dave's training is hands on and real training so no days spent in a classroom. He has a great set up in his workshop and is always keen to show you tips and tricks that could only be learned with experience.

Another reason for going with Dave's training is the opportunity to come back and try new tools out or refresh some areas that have been forgotten. Which alot of providers don't care about, i also witnessed him helping ex students via phone calls and text on offering his professional advice when they had become unsure or stuck on jobs.

If you look back at the start of the week until the final day and see how far you have come and the locks you have opened then you will be impressed.
Posted by chris barrie on 17 August 2020
121 Training 4 Days
I have just attended Dave's 1-2-1 four day training course.

Before the course I was a novice. Though I did purchase some training locks and picks to try out before the course- it was difficult to do and my confidence level at the beginning of the course was low.

Daves training course is all step-by-step 1 to 1 only which is the perfect way to learn beleave me. All my questions were answered with plenty of time to carry out the numerous tasks under Dave's supervision.

Each day my knowledge grew exponentially.

My previous experience with locks was either drilling them or breaking them.

Drilling locks is a really slow, slow process. Lock changes could take up to 2 hours. As Dave shows and ive now learnt picking them is much more professional and you dont get called a drillsmith.

My first job after the course involved two locks.

The Yale night latch took me 10 seconds. The Euro lock on the door took 3 minutes, two of those minutes were for setting up my tools.

Both locks were fully intact and I didn't have to drill or break them. Which for me is a massive improvement.

Before the course I only had one strategy and now I have several and I have every confidence in moving forward.

Dave was able to explain all the tips and tricks that many locksmiths like to keep a secret and that other locksmith training courses dont show you, not only does Dave show you the tips and trick he also makes you the tools.

Thanks Dave for your help and support, the training was amazing.
Posted by Nick Greer on 09 August 2020
I have just done a 4 day training course with Dave The course was excellent i learnt an awful lot. Dave is a great teacher i would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn locksmithing. He gives you great confedence to go out on locksmith jobs as soon as you finish the course. If you are unsure about the job he is there to advise u or he will attend to help u, im so looking forward to my first job in my new career. Dave gives you a superb toolkit as part of the course and lots of paperwork for you to study after you finish the course, it,ll come in handy to read over and remind myself.
Before you finish the course you have to open 10 actual doors that he has as part of the course content, so your not just picking locks in a vice, i feel really confident after opening all 10 doors, many thanks Dave, youre right 1 to 1 is the way to learn, loved every minute of the course.
Posted by Anthony on 01 August 2020
Highly recommended
Posted on 12 July 2020
Fantastic four days!
Posted on 02 July 2020
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