The Institute of Certified Locksmiths is the association representing professional non-destructive locksmiths who offer value, high standards and a guaranteed non-destructive service to their customers.

The Institute of certified auto locksmiths is the association representing professional non destructive auto locksmiths who offer value , high standards and non destructive service to their customers .



Our operating guidelines in full:

The ICL guarantee: if an ICL Member drills or destroys your lock whilst gaining entry, your lock will be replaced like for like, free of any further charge (excludes safes and faulty or damaged locks).

All ICL and ICAL members will be both properly and adequately insured to carry out the services they offer .

All ICL and ICAL members prices will be quoted in advance of any work being done.

ICL Members Locks to the appropriate British or European standards will always be offered.

An ICL & ICAL  Member will always carry identification and present it when appropriate.

All work carried out by an ICL or ICAL Member will be fully guaranteed. In the event of a fault, the Member will revisit and correct within an acceptable period of time.

The ICL & ICAL offers arbitration to the customer and the ICL Member agrees to abide by the arbitrators decision in the event of a disagreement.

All ICL & ICAL Members are fully trained and police vetted locksmiths who will always be polite and professional at all times, offering the customer the highest standards at all times.

All work undertaken by an ICL or ICAL Member will be properly invoiced and guaranteed with the ICL logo and contact details available to the customer.

All ICL & ICAL Members adhere to a price structure that is both fair and represents good value.

ICL & ICAL Members are periodically assessed by the ICL & ICAL to ensure standards are maintained and areas requiring improvements are identified by in-house training.


Our Objectives

Our principal objective is to encourage and promote a high standard in locksmith services.


Our specific objectives are …

To set a high standard that is expected from the profession

To evaluate, promote and police those Members that have achieved and demonstrated this standard

To encourage those starting in the profession to reach this standard

To offer an assurance of quality to those using the services of an ICL Member and giving the customer recourse if not entirely satisfied

To ensure that all ICL Members are fully police checked and vetted

To offer information to those in the industry

To liaise with parliament, relevant authorities, police and industry to always maintain and improve industry standards

To ensure that all ICL Members are fully non-destructive in their entry techniques

To promote the quality side of our profession to the public and businesses using our services.


Our operating principles …

We aim to promote the highest possible standard in locksmith services

This includes an absolute focus on non-destructive entry techniques where possible

We are not a profit making organisation

We seek to offer an assurance of quality to those using locksmith services

We police our own Members and offer full recourse to the customer.


Our History

The Institute was instigated by a group of locksmiths who felt that the industry lacked an organisational body.

We felt that existing associations were mainly profit-motivated and did not well represent their members. Also, the cost of membership of these associations was too high.

Following much bad press about the profession, it was clear that an organisation was required that would focus on quality. This would include an absolute focus on non-destructive entry techniques wherever possible, and giving value for money to the customer.

We chose to set up an institute to represent the quality end of our industry, and determined that it would be non-profit making. The only costs incurred by our Members are for the vetting procedures required.



Mission Statement

ICL Members will strive to offer:

Non-destructive methods will be used wherever possible.

In the event that an ICL Locksmith has to drill or destroy a healthy lock, the ICL Locksmith will replace this lock with a like-for-like lock free of any further charge to the customer. This relates to domestic and commercial customers, but excludes faulty locks and safes, and doesn’t apply to entries under warrant or repossession work.


BS3621 locks will always be offered.

Members are trained, vetted, carry identification and are periodically assessed.

Prices are fair, quoted in advance and offer good value.

Work is fully guaranteed and receipted.

The ICL will assist its Members to achieve these aims by helping to establish a favourable operating environment, by providing a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues, and by providing information to assist them in their business.



ICL shall have the following objectives:

To promote non-destructive entry (NDE).

To be a central representative body to put the views of NDE locksmith companies to Government departments, agencies and Parliament, the European Commission and other relevant organisations.

To work with other responsible trade groups such as the MLA and ALA to improve the trades image with the consumer.

To be a research and statistical centre, to aggregate and publish statistics, and to provide analysis on NDE and other relevant locksmithing market information.

To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to NDE and locksmithing.

To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information.



Membership of the ICL is available to companies and individuals as dictated and amended from time to time in the rules. Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Steering Group.


Your Security

ICL General Locksmiths and ICAL Auto Locksmiths are not just assessed for adequate training and competence , all members are also vetted via criminal record checks and their insurance is checked as current and adequate for the services they offer you the customer .

Many trading locksmiths advertise services they are not properly skilled or insured to offer , this is due to lack of legislation and regulation in the locksmith industry in the uk , many offer cash in hand services part time around a job , others just glean some info and tools from online forums and offer a service they are not insured or qualified to offer .

The problem for the customer is knowing how to seperate the real locksmiths from the rest , this is difficult as all ads claim to be locksmiths , although many good locksmiths do exist that are not affiliated to any organisation , there also exists a large number of uninsured and unskilled rogues trading and advertising in this unregulated industry.

In Picking an ICL or ICAL member , you eliminate the risk of getting caught out and remove the hard job of seperating the good from the bad and the real from the fake locksmiths out there , ICL and ICAL members are all properly insured , vetted and competency checked , meaning you the customer get the skilled tradesmen you are paying for without the risk.

ICL Members wish to offer fifteen basic pieces of advice about the security of your home, based on the experience and knowledge of Institute Members:

Consider changing all outside door locks when you move home

Fit a BS3621 mortice lock to the front door

Fit a 5-lever BS3621 mortice lock together with top- and bottom-operated bolts to side and back doors

Fit appropriate locks to the top and bottom of French windows and patio doors

Fit window locks to ground floor and upstairs windows

Don’t leave door keys in visible or obvious places such as under the doormat

Lock all your doors and windows when you go out

Don’t leave ladders lying around

Keep your sheds and outbuildings locked; burglars will use YOUR tools to gain access to YOUR house

Close your curtains and leave a light on in the lounge and bedroom if you are going out for the evening

Always activate your intruder alarm before you go out – many insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you are burgled and you did not activate an alarm

Don’t leave curtains and blinds drawn during the day – they will attract burglars

Cancel your milk and paper deliveries if you are going on holiday

Ask a neighbour to remove any post or newspapers left showing in your letterbox

Cut your lawn before you go on holiday.



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